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Skype for Business College Deployment

This paper sets out possibly the most critical aspect of any Skype for Business College Deployment – getting buy-in from everyone inside the College. It provides advice on how to gain the support of users and ensure the management team is firmly behind, and understands the value of, Skype for Business to the College and its

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Skype Infrastructure and Rollout Considerations

This Whitepaper focuses on the practical aspects of rolling out Skype for Business, taking into account vital Infrastructure and Rollout Considerations. Introducing Skype for Business could mean moving the location of services and legacy voice infrastructure into different physical locations, for example data centres either on or off site so this whitepaper will help to greater

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Skype Deployment Challenges in Local Authorities

This white paper series presents a vision for Local Government organisations based on emerging technologies. Offering insights and best practice examples on how to plan and deliver a Skype for Business strategy that tackles Skype deployment challenges in Local Authorities, their users, associated bodies and the community. This particular white paper will focus on the practical

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Skype for Business Adoption Problems

The second section focuses on the practical application of Skype for Business Adoption Problems to be overcome to ensure a successful deployment in your University. Planning your Skype for Business deployment A robust deployment plan is essential. Most importantly, the introduction of a Skype for Business should not be seen as

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