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The Week in Review – 19-02-2016

This week has been orientated around Skype for Business in an array of industries, with Case Studies, Videos and User Guides. Let’s get this week’s round up:

On Monday we showed you how Skype for Business can enable worldwide learning in Education, bringing staff and students together, from anywhere.

Tuesday was Turbervilles’ Case Study. A chance for you to see how Skype for Business enables remote working for employees.

Wednesday provided you with Part 1 of our Skype for Business Quick Start Guide, helping you to learn your way around.

Thursday gave you an insight into how Local Authorities can reduce costs and increase efficiencies with Skype for Business.

Friday allowed you to see how Skype for Business can make students more competent in the use of technology that they will soon be using in the workplace.

Week in Review - 19.02.2016


The Biggest UC News This Week:

UC:  Positive benefits of flexible working revealed by global survey

Office 365: New Office 365 profiles help people get to know their coworkers