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On the 3rd February 2016 Freedom’s Marketing Department were invited to an educational day at St Joan of Arc Secondary School in Rickmansworth.

Supporting young people to find out more about Science and Information Technology the fair started with company introductions about what Freedom do. The Students also proceeded to ask us some questions around, what’s your favourite part of your job, what does your day-to-day role include, and what qualifications do you have?.

Supporting young people to find out more about Science and Information Technology is something that is close to Freedom’s heart, with the development of our Unique Apprenticeship Scheme designed to both create and educate a skilled workforce for the future.

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As an Apprentice I truly understand the importance of having career guidance from an early age. When I was at school last year, we were encouraged to think about what career paths we wanted to go down, choosing the subjects that we had a passion for. I wish I had the same experience when I was in Year 7 and I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for students to get a real insight into the working world at such a young age, shaping their development and career ambitions.

Daniel Bruce, Marketing Apprentice

The fair was a massive success for Freedom, with us showcasing the advert for the Microsoft’s HoloLens and talking the students through how a product like the HoloLens can transform their lives and the lives of existing employees. Seeing the excitement on the students faces truly underlined the endless possibilities of the solutions that Freedom implement across the country, allowing us to see first hand the true, real world benefits.

It’s great to see how enthusiastic they were about new technology, but also very interesting to see just how quickly they picked up on new concepts and associated it to how they’re already using technology today!

Joanna Morris, Marketing Manager


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