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Communications Anywhere Even In The Clouds

Author: Richard Bowes, Director of Alliances

Freedom Communications recently ran an event hosted by myself regarding Unified Communications, with particular focus on Skype for Business and the best practices around it.

As part of the event, one of the main areas we focused on was the importance of infrastructure and how it effects the end user experience. So, when I boarded my flight on Thursday night I thought about how my experiences were being shaped by technology.

Whilst on the plane there was Wi-Fi available; a blessing or curse dependent upon perspective. Once logged on I found that Skype for Business was still operating, and that I was able to communicate and work with colleagues whilst in transit. It made me think about how even at 30,000 feet in the air I had every component of my office still with me, with Skype for Business and Office 365 fully functional. ‘I was literally working in the clouds using the Cloud’. Collaborating on documents with partners, holding calls and much to my colleague’s surprise, able to initiate a video call in the air.

It’s a fantastic thought that with Skype for Business I don’t have to be in any one fixed location, I can even be on a plane heading out on my holiday whilst still remaining connected with no loss of functionality. Technology is truly evolving and I understand the arguments for having a break from the office but the reality is, I’m a bit ‘geeky’ and being able to do this meant that I had an additional 5 hours of productivity.

Now, sat in my holiday destination I’m able to hold a demo with a customer, showing them the endless capabilities of Skype for Business. To conduct the demo I’m going to be using Wi-Fi, sharing my screen and highlighting the functionality of Skype for Business. Additionally, I’ll be sharing my eye-opening experience at 30,000 feet in the air, a huge arrow in Skype for Businesses quiver.

Technology is constantly evolving and Unified Communications are proving to be key to the door of business and employee success. If I can work on a plane then really there should be no barriers to working anywhere?