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Streamlining Business Communications

Streamlining Business Communications

Transcript for Streamlining Business Communications Video

Ben works in IT services he has an inquiry from an employee John about Internet connectivity. Ben needs to contact his manager Lisa for an answer but knows she has a busy day. so rather than waiting for her to pick up her phone messages or respond to an email, he searches for her in Skype for Business.

He can immediately see that her presence indicator is set to busy. Ben tags Lisa which means he will be automatically updated when she is available. As soon as Lisa is free, a pop up appears to let Ben know and from here he initiates an instant message to ask her his question.

Ben checks the Lisa is free to talk and then escalates to a voice call to discuss the connectivity problem. Once the call is complete Ben hangs up and untags Lisa. Ben can then respond to the employee, John. He’s unsure of Johns’ whereabouts so he uses Skype for Business to check his availability and contacts him using instant messenger. Rather than talk John through the detailed solution, Ben instead asks to take control of his desktop, John agrees and chooses to present his desktop to Ben, he can do this directly from within Skype for Business. Ben now has full control of John’s desktop and is able to fix the problem there and then.