Uc In Action

Multi Site Communications for the Healthcare Sector

Enabling Multi Site Communications for the Healthcare Sector using Skype for Business & improving Hospital efficiency and the quality of patient care.

Transcript for Multi-site Communications for The Health Sector Video

Dr Townend works in cardiology and regularly needs to confer with specialist consultants Dr.Brooks and Dr.Hill regarding patient test results. Today they are working in various locations across the hospital, so Dr. Townend checks her colleagues are available and sends an IM to both of them. Dr.Hill quickly replies from his laptop and Dr. Brooks on their tablet. Dr Townend elevates to voice and video so they can collaborate more efficiently.

After discussing the test results Dr Townend shares her screen to show the patient’s treatment plan. Dr. Townend can easily get control of the document and passes it to Dr. Hill to review and  edit in real time. Working in this way not only saves time and expense, it helps to deliver efficient and faster patient care.