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Improving Healthcare Provision with Skype for Business

Transcript for Improving Healthcare Provision with Skype for Business Video

“Julie has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and is learning to manage her condition. One afternoon Julie begins to feel unwell and is unsure if she requires urgent medical attention.  Rather than travel to A&E, Julie is able to Skype to see if her GP, Daniel is available and starts a videoconference to discuss how she’s feeling. Daniel can see that Julie doesn’t require immediate care, so he brings community nurse Rebecca into the call via Skype for Business. Rebecca is updated on the situation and agrees to visit Julie that afternoon.

During her visit, Rebecca identifies that Julie’s daughter, Louise is keen to help support her. Rebecca arranges weekly Skype calls with Louise to teach her how to assist in the management of her mother’s condition, and to recognise any symptoms that may indicate medical attention is required. Rebecca also identifies that Julie is often unable to leave the house, and she struggles with tasks such as her weekly shopping. Whilst she’s still with Julie, Rebecca sends a message to a contact at the local social services about their befriending scheme.

Julie is connected with her new befriender Shirley via Skype for Business. Shirley now regularly supports Julie with the job she’s finding more difficult. This new way of working enables efficiencies and improved collaboration across Public Sector agencies, ultimately enhancing the provision of services to the community”.