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Enabling Collaborative Working

Enabling Collaborative Working between Colleagues in Local Government using Skype for Business.

Transcript for Enabling Collaborative Working Video

“Damien is a council employee. He’s working closely with the Local Community Trust on a project to refurbish a local children’s centre. Today he needs to contact the LCT Chairman Shirley, at the LCT to provide an update.

He starts to type an email to Shirley but sees she is available via her Skype presence, so instead sends an Instant Message. Shirley responds and they escalate their conversation to a voice call.

During their call they agree the final project details and Shirley suggests a local business which could be suitable for providing volunteers. The business is already federated with the council through their Office 365 account, and Damien can see his contact, John, is available. He IMs John to check his availability and then starts a voice call.

Damien and John are able to discuss the project and quickly agree on recruiting volunteers to the scheme. By communicating in this way, the project is finalised between the three different organisations without the delay of sending and waiting for email responses or unanswered calls.”