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Efficient Communications Between Colleagues

Enabling Efficient Communications Between Colleagues within the Retail Sector using Skype for Business.

Transcript for Efficient Communications Between Colleagues Video

Max works in merchandising and needs to contact Marketing manager Lisa to discuss and sign off a promotion they’ve been working on for the new women summer range. He opens  Outlook and types Lisa’s address into a new email, he can immediately see a presence indicator is set to available.

Rather than sending unnecessary email he decides to initiate an instant message which he can do from directly within Outlook. After a brief IM exchange they agree to escalate the discussion to a voice call.

With the final details confirmed they need to speak to bed the IT director about adding the promotion to the in-store Wi-Fi splash page. They can see he is available and are able to instantly add him to the call, they then discuss the project and the final details for the promotion are agreed.