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Developing an Innovative Learning Experience

Developing an Innovative Learning Experience in Colleges using Skype for Business.

Transcript for Developing an Innovative Learning Experience in Colleges using Skype for Business Video

“Rachel is a lecturer for a colleges information technology course, she’s been in discussions with John the head of HR for a local business regarding a lecture to her students about the businesses apprenticeship scheme.

However, John has a busy schedule and the lecture has yet to be arranged. Rather than have John travel to the college, Rachel wants to discuss the potential of hosting the lecture via Skype for Businesses HD video conferencing capability, bringing John into the lecture without impacting his schedule. Rachel is federated with John via Skype and has tagged his presence so she can see when he is available.

Working this way means she can contact him at the optimum time as opposed to sending unanswered emails or calls. Rachel says John and IM regarding the lecture and they elevate to a call, during the discussion they agree that John will present to Rachel students next week.

Using Skype for Business in this way brings down the barriers for external lecturers to present to students via the use of a common unified communication platform. Rachel’s students benefit from insight and advice from local employers provided by an innovative and varied learning environment”.