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Attracting New Students in Higher Education

Attracting New Students in Higher Education using Skype for Business.

Transcript for Attracting New Students in Higher Education Video

Mia is a student, who is undertaking her BSc in computer science through a distance learning course. Her tutor Max is keen to ensure that despite their different locations, they catch up regularly to make sure her progress is on track. From Outlook Max can set up a recurring Skype for Business meeting with Mia so they have a confirmed date and time at which to meet.

At the appointed time Max and Mia simply click to join the Skype for Business meeting from within Outlook. During the call, Mia needs to discuss the latest design document with Max. Using Skype for Businesses collaboration functionality, she can easily share the document with him. Mia is even able to give max control of the document so he can edit it himself. In this way Mia is able to receive help and advice from her university even though she isn’t attending in person. This close teaching relationship with students enables the university to provide effective distance learning, irrespective of location and ultimately broadening their catchment area.