Improving Healthcare Provision with Skype for Business

The Healthcare Industry, as ever, are being forced to save money over the next 5 years whilst responding to the rapidly changing needs of patients and clinicians. Currently, more than 3 taxpayers are needed to support every person over 65. In that 5-year period, the average number of taxpayers available to support these people will drop to below 2, forcing the NHS to save up to £30 billion just to stay viable.

Skype for Business enables a new way of working, increasing efficiencies and improving collaboration across public sector agencies, ultimately enhancing the provision of services to the community. Skype for Business can:

• Reduce budget strain – Every person that visits A & E costs on average £2,000 to treat. Prior intervention through local services such as GPs can reduce that cost to around £150. Telemedicine and telepharmacy can help improve access to experts, reduce travel times / costs and free up surgery time.

• Create clinical virtual teams across organisational boundaries – Take advantage of IM and Teleconferencing with more secure document and attachment sharing. Drive improved GP and care team communication to accelerate treatment decision making and allow instant access to subject matter experts.

• Enable care navigation – Patients can use up valuable GP appointment time for routine tests and care. With over 300 million users, Skype can help doctors to engage with more patients in less time regardless of location and provide same day response to changes in patient health.

Witness how Skype for Business can improve Healthcare Provision: