Enterprise Mobility and Security

What is Enterprise Mobility + Security?

Enterprise Mobility and Security (EM+S) enables your organisation to provide staff with secure access to the applications and experience they’re familiar with across a wide range of devices. Providing economies of scale benefits to your organisation, Enterprise Mobility + Security protects your company’s vital information across all platforms.

The below diagram provides a detailed breakdown of the framework in place that powers your Enterprise Mobility + Security solution:

Enterprise Mobility + Security DiagramSource: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/cloud-platform/why-enterprise-mobility-security


Solving Challenges in a Digital World:


EMS User Protection            EMS Privacy            EMS ID Based Security            EMS IT Sees All            EMS Future Proof Investment            EMS Mobility

User Protection: Enterprise Mobility + Security enables you to protect your users, devices, applications and data, supporting your organisation in a mobile first world where trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Hot Desking are an everyday reality.

Confidentiality: With Enterprise Mobility + Security, employees can encrypt their own files, set permissions and track usage. Securing files in this way means that the document will remain encrypted no matter who has it, guaranteeing that internal and external file sharing is always secure.

ID Based Security: With security that’s trusted by UK and US Governments, EMS allows you to intelligently protect your organisation against the most advanced of attacks.

IT Sees All: Enterprise Mobility + Security empowers the IT Department, increasing both their own productivity and their business’s by delivering critical applications on any device, at any location without hands on administration.

Future-proof Investment: Enterprise Mobility + Security is a Cloud based solution that integrates with your on-premise infrastructure, meaning you no longer have to worry about scale, maintenance and updates.

Mobility: The Enterprise Mobility Solution is designed for a mobile-first, cloud first world. Providing your organisation with the ability to protect your corporate assets whether they’re on-premise, on your mobile devices, or in the cloud. Your data is protected wherever it’s taken, enabling your business to be mobile, yet secure.


Real Return on Investment (ROI):


EMS Staff Productivity            EMS Data Protection            EMS Economies of Scale            EMS Single Sign-on            EMS Integration            EMS, Mobile Application Management

Staff Productivity: Enterprise Mobility + Security is built by Microsoft, meaning your email and other Office applications/files are secured without compromising end user experience, allowing your staff to work both seamlessly and securely.

Data Protection: Enterprise Mobility + Security allows you to delve deeper into user, device and data activity on-premise and in the cloud, enabling your organisation to create an effective policy that’s adopted across the entire estate.

Economies of Scale: Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security solution is the most comprehensive solution in the industry, costing less than combining standalone products from other vendors.

Single Sign On: Once your passwords are configured with your Active Directory, you can access all your corporate resources, on-premise and in the cloud, from any device seamlessly.

Integration: As a Microsoft Gold Partner with 27 years’ of experience, Freedom are able to cater your Enterprise Mobility solution to suit your organisation’s needs best. Working in this way means that you avoid the need for costly, complex integration work which may be experienced if you purchase from separate vendors.

Mobile Application Management (MAM): Helping prevent data loss on mobile devices, EM + S provides your organisation with the unique ability to manage the Office mobile apps without requiring device enrolment.

Mobile Device Management (MDM): Enterprise Mobility + Security enables your organisation to securely manage apps and data across a wide range of platforms that include iOS, Android and Windows in one centralised location.


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