tcpcropFreedom is fully committed to supporting local communities, contributing significant staff time, including at a senior and a director level. The Watford & Three Rivers trust, an organisation that works with local companies to help them give back to the community, accredits Freedom as a Trusted Community Partner for its various contributions.

Together with Microsoft, Freedom has also partnered with West Herts College to offer a tailored Apprenticeship Scheme, offering young people the chance to develop real skills for a career in the ICT Sector.


Freedom’s Community Commitment

“At Freedom, we’re fully committed to supporting local communities. We’ve already given over 200 hours of staff time, including senior and director level, and I’m proud to say that everyone of our employees will be able to give time to a charitable organisation that they care about. As a company, this has been made possible by not only the support of our board members, but their participation and contribution. We’re also working from a grass roots level up, with a fully fledged work experience and apprentice programme . Financially, we’ll continue our investment in the community with our ‘Business Win Funding’ project. This means that for any business who use our services and also get involved W3RT, we ‘ll contribute to the charity.”

Pat Botting, Managing Director


The Freedom Team

“I donated time to Westfield Children’s Centre, helping them with their administrative work. It was enlightening to see that they provide support services not only for the children, but their entire family. As governance and administration is crucial to Westfield, it understandably has a huge drain on resources.” Charlie Thomas, Business Sales Executive

“Dragons’ Apprentice, an initiative connecting education, businesses and charities, was an education for me! Working with young adults to help them develop their life skills while raising money for an excellent local charity was both rewarding and fulfilling. The programme also cleverly ties in youth development with charitable donations” Max Meiklejohn, Marketing Director

“I believe everyone has a responsibility to their community: children, students, employees and employers. I’m delighted that Freedom has made such a varied contribution to our community. It doesn’t matter if you want to build a garden, cycle around London at night, bungee jump or shave your head, as long as you’re getting involved and giving back. “ Chris Luff, Founding Director


Freedom’s staff are constantly involved in Community Work – Check out the Blog for updates!

Community Commitment